just a dudette from Over the rainbow...

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"There's a hell in every hello, and there's a good in every goodbye..."

"Sometimes a bunch of letters, is better than learning what the words actually mean"

You know when people say "the person you are and the person you pretend to be are two different people..." - or along those lines anyway - for me that's pretty much true.

I'm not very good at writing, but I try my best (most of the time :P)... I'm more the type of person who writes as soon as inspiration comes or it just doesn't flow, although that's not always shown in my writing...

All rates and comments welcome or none at all... 

Thanks for looking here :P 

Soundtrack to my life at the moment: "Who's Laughing Now" 

I like.. 


Dance - I do a whole range on and off really depends anyway, umm contemporary, jazz, modern, tap and recently quit ballet :L 


Writing - But I seem to have writers block at the moment.. :L

Smiling :) :D

I love art though, I just love doodling, I do enough of it... And just drawing at the moment I'm working on kind of a recreation, but adapted cover/my version of The Beatles album cover "All You Need Is Love" ~ It's taken me weeks..

and I won't bore you, so I'm going to stop now.. Haha :)


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