a girl from the United States

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"Keep your head up and your heart together. Be strong. Its not easy, But in the end its worth it. -myself"

I'm just a girl.

I have crazy emotions and dont understand much.

Things happen

People Change

Life goes on.

Its really hard not to dwell in the past

or forgive and forget.

I'm not a rule breaker.

I never have been

Im not a nerd

but i love writing

and reading

Writing is my talent and also a passion.

I write what i feel

my emotions consume me

they take over me

many people express emotions diferently

i write

I can be a personal person

I dont like to share my emotions with others

But here no one knows my identity other than my writing

I love to be happy therefore when I write something emotional or about love

 i read it and feel corny. haha

But thats just me

Theres a ton of secrets i keep

Secrets that i havent discovered

Secrets i wish i had never discovered nor sought after

I know about more then i should

lately ive did things i shouldnt

I know better

but at the moment it kind of feels good.

Though thats no excuse.

Music is my medicine

I have a dream

and i live in a very supportive home

My dreams are high maintnece and im not lowering my standerds

I let my mind wonder and sometimes it gets the best of me

But thats just me and all i can be.

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