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I don't write stories. I just take dictation from the voices in my head.

And I really don't have a clue what I'm doing here.

Some of my current projects:

Flight of the Red Hawk - this thing's been ongoing for years but I never get anywhere with it. It's high fantasy, focussed on the life of one particular red-haired elf called Casteylan

Price of Freedom - a novel in progress (very early stages), a re-work of an older fanfic I nearly finished, now converting to original fic. Set in a world like ours except where slavery is still legal and acceptable

The Remarkable Adventures of Jonathan Hotshot - The novel with which I won Nanowrimo 2009, and is in desperate need of editing. Or deleting.

Bridge Between Worlds - modern urban supernatural/fantasy, where something sinister is happening in the city and only jay Bridge can stop it.

[untitled] - fanfic work based on Maedhros (aka Russandol) of the Silmarillion, in a modern setting.

Many of the characters you're likely to meet in my writing are from one of these.

Icon image used with permission Carlos Porto

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