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"live life and love it, love life and live it! love health and happiness,"

I have a few passions and well, i love to read, real deep books about life, culture and spirital journeys, along with the usual chick lit. i m not into the ones with the rich %$%!% with the fancy life style who always gets the guy, theres so many of them around. what about the girl on the street? Think i could give them a run for their money anyday! its just finding the time and learning to focus on the job in hand.  people fasinate me, and love to sit somewere busy and quielty people watch. its were most of my ideas come from. i have so many articles and journals written. some good and some bad. many unfinished, just thoughts or ideas i just had to write down. some that i have ran with and taken them all the way. but i find the more you write, and read  of course the more you learn and grow. My mind is like a sponge, and sometimes i can't read enough. But along with everything else in my life its finding the time to fit it all in. And I love my job too which along with my daughter i put my heart into.

i have tons of the stuff. Notes, chapters, scrawlings i have made. When i look back and read over some of them i laugh to myself. But i think thats good, to have that ability, to laugh at yourself and comprehend. I Have had a couple of articles printed, whey hey!!!! I have written serious stuff for the paper and girlie stuff for womens magazines. which i love. I Have also tried my hand at writing erotic short stories, as my mates just love it! But dont think i am gona make my millions from it, but still its what i love!

Many people look at me and only see what they can see, i have so much more, i;m no brainless bimbo.

I think i have a wild imagination when it comes to writing. And have found that i am more focused on the job now as i have grown, my mind does not wander far from the story or article that i am currently on. But  recently, not all stories i share!!!!

i love meeting people who have a impact on your life, from all walks. people who inspire, who you can learn from as they do you. I'd like to sit and pick so many authors brains, about their lives and works.   I would like to make an impact in a good way on someones life, to be as improtant to them as they are to me.  people with a similar outlook on life, who you can learn from.i'm a very good listener too as all my friends come and tell me their problems. i always try to give a objective opinion and like to always keep an open mind. I love to travel and italy is very close to my heart. life is my adventure and this is my own personal story, everyday a page is turned.

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