a 20-year-old hobo from Beetlejuice's humble abode, United States

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If you judge with your eyes,

You may as well be blind

For it's not the outside,

It's the personality behind


Osiyo strangers! My pseudonym (at the moment, though it's likely to change when I get tired of it) is Aveline Rasmus, although I've been known to go by Evony/Diurne and a slew of other names on roleplay sites. My real, birth given name, is Brianna, but I loathe that name so I go by Bebe. Confused yet? No? What a pity. .-. OH and my Tsalagi (Cherokee) name is Noonowl.

Me in a Naruto nutshell: 

Likes: Randomness, writing, good music, eating, photography, sarcasm, animals, amongst other things.

Dislikes: Bios, beef jerky (although deer jerky is a beautiful creation), bad grammar and spelling, runny noses, morning people, etc.

Hobbies: Does eating count as a hobby? :| Other than that, I enjoy writing, reading, jamming out, and watching anime in my spare time. c:

Plans for the future: Becoming a veterinarian (even though I fail at science) and a writer. Also I plan to design my own home, become an old cat lady, and marry Beetlejuice. Or Slenderman. Or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Whoever is available.

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