a 20-year-old girl from Sheffield, United Kingdom

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"“Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75” — Benjamin Franklin"

Currently residing in my bedroom (it's not in a cupboard under the stairs if you were wondering; it's at the top of the house far away from the rest of the nutters I live with), I'm instructed to tell you a bit about myself. Gulp. What do you want to know? Well if you stuck with me after that awful Harry Potter reference, kudos to you. I'm Beth, a 16 year old girl from the UK with an inability to finish every project I've ever started. But 2013 is the year for change; I'll finish a book this year. (I say that every year. But this year I mean it).

My interests include sleeping, writing, drawing (you can see some of my work at dipl0mat.tumblr.com/art if you're interested) and pondering the great perhaps. I've wanted to write from an early age, though - putting pen to paper aged 3 - and I know it's what I want to do as a career. For now, I exercise my creative spirit through FanFiction, and a writing blog both below:


I don't know what genre I write, yet, as I'm still finding myself. You'll probably find out sooner or later.

I'm easy enough to get along with, and I like to think I can handle criticism well. So please, be honest about my work.

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