a 19-year-old from A nothing town in Ohio, United States

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"Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh."- George Bernard Shaw

'Ello there! I'm Ryan. Well, its a future pen name. I want be at least a part time writer because I can't seem to finish any story I write so if I had to do that for a living I might smite myself. Well I have two novels going nowhere. All I really have is a plot for the both of them. One's about a nuclear war that destroys much of the world and now two groups are fighting for control of the only real liveable area. The other is about medieval prostitutes who go off on an adventure to save one's brother who's a knight who goes missing. I may put things from that here. Or random things. I'm trying to get good at writing horror things. Maybe mysteries too. Like the Saw movies. I love the Saw movies.

When I graduate I want to get into mortuary or psychology. Also, if you tell someone "You know what's cool? Dead things." They look at your weird. Who knew.

But other than that I like Homestuck, Off (game), Bioshock, Supernatural and basically the whole 20th century. Especially the roaring 20s. And swing. Also if you get me raspberry ice cream I'll kill a man for you.

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