a 28-year-old dude from Baroda, Gujarat, India

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"Hope is the first step on the Road to disappointment. - First heard while playing DoW... hehe, got to love those Librarians. Really know how to keep your morale kicking..."

Hm, alright... I've been considering what to write here for a while now and figured that I'd just stick with the obvious.

I'm 20 years old, live in the sleepy little town of Baroda and closely resemble a stick... with appendages. That's really about it. I always liked writing bet never really realized that I could do more than write snippets of short stories in between class or during them if I managed the last bench... or scratch that, I'd write anyways. But when you go to a school who's entire system is based around retention of knowledge rather than the actual acquisition of it and where the arts are as desirable as a Hutt bride... Well, lets just say i didn't really start to develop as a writer till after school when I found a text based Role playing site. Its been 2 years since and I'm getting better...

My biggest regrets are perhaps the fact that I was never exposed to places like this or even people who'd help me or encourage me to write the way I do now. So yeah... that's one of the bigger ones.

But anyways, about myself... Lets see, i want to go into Game design and Development... Obviously the writer's end of it. I'm trying to actually get my @##& together and go to a college out here for animation seeing as we don't really have colleges with all the Majors/Minors you'd find in a college out stateside or in Europe. So, I'm trying to make do with what's available and hopefully something might come of it all... if nothing else, I can still keep typing and if that fails writing...

Hm, that's all I can think of adding right now... Might add or delete stuff later... Cheers, everybody.

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