a 72-year-old male from on-the-beach, Pismo, CA, United States

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"Hide In Plain Sight"

Personal Biography

Dallas Thompson (1944 - ) was born in Bakersfield, California to "Grapes of Wrath" descendents. First born of three sibling of a preacher father and piano playing mother, grew up in a small rural area, having learned to hand pick cotton and potatoes, working for lunch money in high school. Graduated from Chaminade University of Hawaii with a Bachelor Degree 15 months from start to completion while active in USAF Crypto - 976 hours crypto training. Obtained MBA-with Distinction one year from start to completion from University of Phoenix. Obtained MAE-Administration 9 months from start to completion from Chapman University. Completed courses for PhDIT and PhDOM - Capella University. Multi-faceted back ground: Accountant (Union Oil Co), Honda dealer, retired - age 31, real estate developer and licensed engineer, & contractor, retired - age 45, science teacher and high school administrator - 10 years, writer. Two books in progress: "Global Warming Crisis: A Fraud", (Documented parallel between earth's orbit and heating and cooling cycles as a result of earth's compression/heating and earth's expansion/cooling). Writing: Fiction book, based upon real events: "Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma™" It is an adventure fiction thriller, based on my life experiences. www.eyeswideshutanenigma.com




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