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"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great." - A League of Their Own "Every single day, I walk down the street. I hear people say, 'Baby...so sweet!'" - Rent "I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change but till I try, I'll never know." - Wicked

 I've journeyed through life with a creative bug in my veins ever since I got up and sang "Tomorrow" from Annie (in full wig and costume nonetheless!) in front of my preschool class. Sure they laughed at me, but I just figured they were too plebian to "get" me and carried on. Thirty odd years later and I'm still singing my own song, full volume and dancing in my car for the world to see. I've got a good day job that pays the bills and a husband who understands my need to create and gives me the time and space to do so. He's a God among men. I sing like a jazz-bird, act like a kook, sew like a seamstress and write like I know what I'm doing. He plays guitar like Hendrix, take killer photos of the creepiest insects ever, and cooks like he was trained at the NY Culinary Institute.

I have a good "day" job that pays the bills, which, hey in this economy? I'm not complaining! I'm participating in NaNoWrMo again this year in an attempt (hopefully not feeble) to kick my ass in gear. I just finished performing in a local production of Seussical:the Musical (playing Mrs. Mayor of Whoville) and am taking a break from the theater to focus on my writing and also work on Christmas and Hanukkah presents (homemade fleece hats and scarves this year).

I love life and everything that is good about it: food, drink, travel, et al.

I write for adults. Can't wrap my head around writing for children and/or YA, although I went to school in the hopes of working as a Children's/YA librarian and love reading most YA literature.

On a serious note my family has had a rough year, health-wise. Both my older sisters were diagnosed with cancer (the oldest, who survived breast cancer twice, has lung cancer and is in the midst of a second line of chemotherapy, the first line didn't have a good response, and the middle just finished her first line treatment for Stage IV breast cancer). My Dad spent about 3 weeks in the hospital last month from a bleeding ulcer which, when combined with the antibiotics and blood thinners he was on nearly caused him to bleed out internally. So, rough.

My NaNoWrMo this year is reflective of trying to keep sunny and optimistic throughout the storms we weather in our lives. We have to taste the Bitter in order to truly appreciate the Sweet.

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