a 28-year-old chica from Ontario, soon to be elsewhere, Canada

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"The problems we come by on our road to success are the ones that drive us on, for if all were easy then what's the point of living happily?"

I don't know what life has yet to offer me, but I know that whatever is in store has to include writing. 

I graduated from York University with an English Major Degree and Creative Writing Minor Degree. I'm currently editing my first full-length novel and hopefully will have it published one of these years. 

I run a book blog where I review, advertise upcoming books, interview authors, and occasionally write my progress with my novel.  

Finished Works:

  • Jenna Louise
  • Avery Jones

Works I wish I'd finished, but you should still check out:

  • Angel Child
  • To End a Life
  • The Truth Series
  • The Haunting of my Sister
  • A Density of Wolves


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