a 30-year-old gentleman from Wearsum near Somewhere

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Was always something of a misfit, being geeky and all. But I have never let that discovery hamper my progress through this often difficult, but rarely praised journey we call "life."

So, I have found a core group of friends who love me for who I am and what I am - essentially, a human being with the same level of sensitivities as them and a geek who loves sharing some, if not all, of his computer knowledge and web wizardry!

I look forward to meeting new people on this site, getting to know them, and forging memorable friendships. As far as writing goes, I feel I have the knack for it, but if at any point, I don't feel I have the motivation to go on, I will stop and pursue something else. But if I do have the ability to make people stop, say "Wow, this is a great read" and so on, I will write myself to near-insanity because I have never heard of anyone dying trying to make his mark on the literate ones in this fuzzy-logic world!

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