a 19-year-old lady from Miami, FL, United States

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"Never be afraid to be kicked in the teeth, let blood and bruises define your legacy."- Lady Gaga



I’m 15, and i live in the disgusting Miami, Florida. I’m a huge fangirl. Avengers/ Marvel, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural! Fairy tale reader, actor, writer, absolute nerd, and Pescatarian of 2 1/2 years :) i do not sleep. i wait. I make gifs, write fics (ehehehe thats what you're here for), make graphics, and do $@$%.

Where do I begin to express my love of the one and only Stefani Angelina Joanne Germanotta? She is half the reason i still breathe today. she saved me when i couldnt believe in myself and didnt see an end. she has made me love myself, and love everyone around me. She will never let me fall apart. She is my Mother Monster. Even if i dont show it a lot, she is my everything and i love her so much.

i really like gay superheros and comics, really too much. Also the younger ones who really like how can a young hulk-like thing and a magic persony person be so fuck*&ing adorable. Tommy Shepherd is my spirit animal. Leah and Loki are BFFs and no one can tell me otherwise. I really like young avengers and hawkeye and sif and like wow i just really love marvel :') 

WOw, so i like music a lot. marina & the diamonds, lana del ray, the smiths, cosmo jarvis, the killers, obviously lady gaga, mumford and sons, Bon Iver, The Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club. yes music good.

I like writing to This Will Destroy you, Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Jonsi, and a !#$% ton of others. 

i love drama and performing and being able to compete in drama. wow i love a lot of shows. RENT, Guys and Dolls, Shakespeare (depends on the show), Book of Mormon, Wicked (i have a signed playbill from when i saw it on Broadway *squee*), In the Heights, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and of course Les Miserables. 

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