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"' I wonder how weird it would be if you stepped on a rock and it said "ouch"'"

I'm in school right now, and am sooo very busy, and I often take a long time to finish stories due to a case of storywritingparalasis syndrome, which hopefully I can take care of soon, since it is a rather chronic disease. Apparantly one in 5 people who suffer from this may also suffer from  brief episodes of writer's block. Who knew?

Anyways, I'm writing a bunch of novels right now...little by little, and I don't know when they'll be done, but I'll try to update as often as I can! :)

Please feel free to offer any critiques whenever you want, and any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, as I really do love to write, but sometimes my grammar and plot aren't connected so well and I would love to improvee

love. xx

~:~:~:~:~: THANKS :~:~:~:~:~:~

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