a 68-year-old female from Redditch, United Kingdom

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"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off." The Italian Job.

I prefer to be known as Chris and i have been writing short stories since I was a kid. Once I got married and the children came along, I sort of gave up on it. Then, while my two youngest were still little, I found myself writing a short story just for them. That set me back on the road again.

My main goal is to get published one day before I get much older, (one foot in the grave springs to mind).  I just haven't had the courage to send any of my stories off yet. I do belong to a writing group and we meet up once a month.

I  have other hobbies as well. I love reading, horrors, thrillers, mysteries. Agatha Christie has always been my favourite author, but I like Stephen King and James Herbert too.

I love walking, because the fresh air gets my juices flowing. There is always something to write about.

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