just a lady from the stars

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"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello and welcome to the account of Rina!!! I love to sing, and act. I like horror stories, mysteries, and fantasies. ESPECIALLY fairy tale twists. I like romance. Here are some factoids:

*My favorite song is any song from a broadway, but particularly anything from Smash
*I love Broadway and Shakespeare!

*My favorite color is purple.
*My favorite food is...umm....I don't know, I think I just love food.
*I want to be an author when I grow up

*I am a peter pan believer-GROWING UP IS OVERRATED!!!!

██ 20% AWESOME
███ 30% GORGEOUS
████ 40% CRAZY
█████ 50% ACTOR
███████ 70% CUTE
████████ 80% BOOKWORM
█████████ 90% NINJA
██████████ 100% WRITER

(. _ .)
So...I got you this waffle
Then I thought wow this waffle looks good
(. _ .)
So I thought you wouldn't mind
( ^.^)
(> <)
So I ate it

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