a person from some where, Australia

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"They do not judge. They do not gossip. They do not lie. Horses, our true friends."

I know its not the traditional or even normal "profile" were we all share ou like and dislikes but I think by reading some quotes you can understand a deeper knowledge about the person. You see when asked the question "who are you?" an a name is never the answer. A person is more than a name or looks or even personality. A person is everything of that person, their heart and their head. You shouldn't be able to describe the person as a whole, you can see a person for yourself to understand even if only a small part.

"Holding a horse's nose is often better than holding a hand."

"There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will."

"Life is too short to miss out on being really happy."

"You can't think yourself out of a writing block, you have to write yourself out of a thinking block."

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