a girl from Brisbane, Australia

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"Hey, maybe that's it. Maybe we should do to the Japanese what they do in their movies. Build a miniature city, put it outside the window, tell them it's far away. It'll look real if you squint. God knows they're squinters. What do you think, dad? A whole, tiny town."

I write for my own amusement. I've always thought I was far more interesting than I actually am, so keeping a detailed journal has been necessary. I kicked a car once, I thought I was so dangerous. It was my own car, but nonetheless, an act of rebellion, which is always interesting. Particularly, I write for wish fulfilment. I'd explain more if this could be over two hundred words.

Stories I love have had the ability to inflict greater emotions than the ones I feel in real life (hormones exempt), and although it may be the over-actor in me, I feel such a deep connection with my beloved characters and their emotions that simply writing a line of script and speaking it aloud will make me cry like a school girl. I want to personally involve my readers and/or the citizens who watch the film that I will probably never make.

I have no preferred genre, I really just want to write, even if the stories are never read by anyone except the people who begrudgingly read them because I forced them to (also known as father). I write at University because my sentences are far too long and need to be bashed into submission by all them smart folk, I'm a serial abuser of the comma, and the lecturer is a stone fox.

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