a 28-year-old guy from the United Kingdom

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"''What you see is what you don't get'' just read 'The Tibetan Book of The Dead'"

hello people!!


I write music electronically and acoustically. I have been interested in writing for about 3 years, firstly just writing about anything in my vision and twisting it to fit into an emotion that i have felt in the past. it was always quite ambiguous but i always understood it, so it felt good to write. Now i tend to write about experiences i.e. walking on the malverns near where i live and watching the sunset!!  most of time i'm intoxicated on weed!! sometimes mushrooms!!  i've tried to write on Mdma. you feel to content to write about different emotions and wot not.




i done have a clue what you can actually do on this site so im gonna check it out!!   bye

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