a 19-year-old girl from the end of the rainbow (hihi!), Philippines

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"I'm your whiff of reality, she's your greatest fantasy. Who would you choose? I mean, which sane person would rather live in reality when he can live with something right out of a dream?" -Me

There really isn't much to say about myself. Physically, I fall under the -1 SD normal BMI, with a height of 162 inches since I was twelve years old, and constant weight ranging from 49-53 kg.

I have long, auburn (yes, natural) hair, my eyes are brown, I'm pale, sickly, and am allergic to capsaicin (no chili!). I don't eat carrots or raisins, and I drink milk like you drink water. I'm the shortest among my siblings, I have a twin brother, and I'm a fifteen year old girl.

I don't know what to say about my writing style. I could say it's wide, but sometimes I like going for nosedives in a character's life to fit into mine, before finally deciding to give him or her a happy ending. Who doesn't want one, right?

I have a very bad-habit of sidetracking myself and others especially in conversation, and never actually remembering what the original conversation was about. Just like any other teen (maybe) out there, I'm a goddess when it comes to procrastination and laziness. I hate homework, and I hate my electives.

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