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"I have created several quotes for which I am credited by those who know me. Here are a couple: 1. Once at peace now in Flux. 2. Pay the price now or pay the price greater later. 3. It is not the battle that matters, if any, what matters is that you are always at the ready. Hope you all might have enjoyed these quotes and please feel free to use them long as you indicated that I created them. :)"

I am from the Island of Kaua'i where I grew up surrounded by Family and Friends.  I attended a Catholic school with Nuns and Priests who, no looking back, gave me an excellent education, well almost, their teaching of English was a bit substandard, an issue I have been dealing with for over a half a century.  I have two grown children and 5 grandchildren.  I am retired from the US military.  I have had some of my poems published some years ago and have been working on several books since 1979.  I hope to now be able to finish writing those books which I have started before I depart this life.  I hope to have one or more be made into a movie for all to see. 

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