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"You are what you repietedly do, greatness then is not an act, but a habit.-Aristotle (I think)"

hi i love to write. No one is going to read this stupid thing so why the hell am I writing it? Well I am sorta new here, or not really I just never logged in till now, but on my other writing site I have 20 stories so I will write some others here. Like Ceils I am on My username is Corvo, but I think you will find me if you search luna to. Anyway, you probably stopped reading this a while ago, or never started in the first place, I know I never read profiles. Or authors notes really, but whatever, if you are still reading this you have a longer attention span than me. I don't even know how I manadged to write this junk all at once... K I'm done. Stop reading, I am not going to write anymore. I am serious, go away. You know what? You stink that's what. Muahahahahaha! Well I suppose I should thank you and tell you to read my stories, but do whatever you want, I don't care if you read it I have other sites where people read my stuff so niaaaaa. But yah read my stuff. Anyway bye.

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