a 31-year-old man from Canada

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"In this world I may not be a King, but in my world, I am."

I was born in November  1985  during a thunder storm, I was destined to stir things up and destroy everything around me...  and I did.

I did my best to learn the good values of life in between being hated... I am 100% passion and 100% anger and love, a very passionate being. but Damian is also a damned soul who never believed in anything but himself  and then he found love... a loved that saved him.

Life wasn't easy and still... but writting and drawing was something i did well to express hidden feelings inside, I hated being self centered but i was at the time and I had hoped I could learn to interact more with society, because I truly believed everyone deserved a new chance at being happy.

Thank you for your time and i hope you and I can share our passion someday.

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