a 57-year-old female

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"If you can't eat it or wear it...why bother"

My name is Cidele Curo.  I (with the aid of my ghostwriter) have written a humorous memoirella.  We are first time writers with no credits to provide you with.  But…we have been described by a psychotherapist (not mine, I don’t have one, though the ghostwriter does have one) as expansive.  Additionally we are extroverted, outgoing, sociable, and at times a little gushy, urbanites in all respects.  Our qualities, knowledge and if we may be so bold…mastery of writing stems from one ingredient: our desire to type. 

We have almost completed our memoirella.  At present we are on page 170 and plan to end the book at page 195.  We decided it should be an “ella” because the format suits us.  We adore other writers who have kept it brief, i.e. Alan Bennett, David Sedaris and Calvin Trillin, just to name a few. 

This is our first foray into the world of publishing that is if you don’t count shopping for books at Barnes & Nobles or the Strand.  

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