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"I got tired of slaying dragons. So I went back to exciting desk life" by me "The only key to freedom is to let go of your fear." Unknown "Abandon your fear.Move forward and don't look back.retreat and you will age. Hesitate and you will die" Zangetsu

About me

I'm an Electricians apprentice I don't write as much as I would like to :(.  If im not writing  I would like to be hiking. I'm slowly getting into archery and on the occasion I will do some climbing. I would like to say I can fence but truth is I probably can't since I taught myself and watched lots of the lord of the rings.  I took taek won do and reached green stripe. I live in in one of the most beautiful places in Canada. ( My opinion) I'm also a computer gamer and play copious amounts of games. So if you have a steam account and wish to add me; my username is shard decloak or on psn sharddecloak.

I like to write in collaborations in all kinds of genres, but I'm not going to lie. My favourite genres are Fantasy , and science fiction. I want to get into writing current day literature but usually my imagination has different plans.  I am working on proof reading and fixing my works, and slowly I'm getting better at it.

Now enough about me!

Anyways i have a couple questions for you dear reader ( I want to make this profile a little interactive)

1. If you write why do you write, and when did you find you passion for it? and if you just read why do you read, and when did you passion for reading start? (you can answer both.)

My answer: I started writing in grade 3 (age 8) and I actually had very opposite mood to start writing until i wrote my first badly drawn picture book with  a story accompanying it about a cougar who took a journey to mars, my teacher loved it, and infact kept it so other students could read it. Reading was another thing I opposed in fact i didn't learn how to until grade 2 (age 7)  but within a few specialized courses and weeks of tears and frustration on both sides I learned to read my first novel harry potter.

2. Whats your favourite book and or author?

My answer: I have a lot of favourite books, but I do like to mention the Mole Wars by an Author of which i am proud to share Canadian Hieritage with her name is I believe Fitzgerald Mcurdy. I love the lord of the rings as well , and R.A salvatores books about Drizzt Do'urden

3. What brought you here, and onto protag

My answer: Well its obvious this is my protag profile so that's why I'm here. As for what brought me to protag it was a friend of mine who originally was known as  Mgclovin but i think his name is now xenitheon. but the reason i stayed was the collaborations, but now I hope to make my solo's a reason to come back.

Alright Now random stuff

Listen to Rise against

( I could quote them all day here honestly but I opt its better not to)

Guess while i'm at it listen to bullet for my valentine (only if you like heavy metal and screamo) Three days grace, breaking benjamin, lamb of god ( once again heavy metal screamo) less than jake, mighty bosstones,disturbed.

Music inspires my stories! No kidding it also helps me get through writers block however this has to inspiring music! another thing that inspires my stories are anime's and movies however i fear my characters might model after or my story :(. However I gaurantee I add my twists to it so never fear my stories are mostly orignal.

I would love to write and say more but currently I am out of things to say have an awesome life peoples oh and answer my questions. I DOUBLE DARE YOU! Now you have to do it right?

Awesome writers I write with a lot, and recommend reading or writing with

LuneXian, Starwarsfreak117, DTMN, Li17,Crystalrose, JSimmons

and well anyone on my friends or fan list they awesome. Thanks everyone for being that way!

Also if you interested in listening to the same music I listen to when I write here you go

why? because I like sharing. 

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