a 30-year-old female from India

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"not quite a quote but lyrics of a song " We're just two lost souls swimmin in a fish bowl year after year " ...."

hey....i'm chetana kinger...i'm 22 yrs old interior designer by profession....quite a laidback person but sloth is absolutely my sin!!!!.. i'm unbelievably lazy...i believe that if s thin can be done tomorrow or day after then y do it today ....!!! jokes apart absolutely, immensely passionate bout 2 things ;  writin poetry n articles and bout music .....i cant spend a single day without strummin on my guitar and creatin music forever inquisitive bout musical instruments and have tried my hand at percussion, mouth organ ,flute guitar keyboards etc .Music is the only thing that drives me......its wat i emote through ..... Similar is the case with writin.....i can convey what i feel through writin it sorrow,gratitude,happiness,love heartbreak etc ......I love songs with beautiful intense  lyrics and aspire to turn my poems into immortal songs someday !!!!

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