a 25-year-old femme from Chicagooo, United States

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"potche hot melon gwyne"

my favorite band is my chemical romance. get over it. i don't care if you hate them.
i have the best friends in the world.
i'm always willing to talk. especially when someone's having a hard time.
i love to write. it's my passion.
along with makeup and hair. but mostly makeup.
i also love the red hot chili peppers and all time low.
nothing personal is an amazing album. i don't care if you "don't like the new all time low."
shut up. they're no different, they're only getting better.
i can be an amazing friend.
and i can make you pee your pants laughing.
but if you piss me off...or you're ignorant. i can be really mean.
i don't like being mean though so try not to say anything stupid :)
i think scene kids are damn sexy. boys...not girls. i mean they're pretty, but i wouldn't date one.
i have no specific type of girl i like. it's so random.
i want to do hair and makeup for bands as a career.
i'm going to beauty school next year when i graduate high school.
i strongly disagree with religion. but i don't get on anyone's case for being religious. unless you're hyperactive about it. then i have to put my foot down.
i'm @!&*ing EXCITED for alice in wonderland.
arizona iced tea is bomb.



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