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Last Updated:  20th April 2013

I've been gone, but maybe I'm back now! Going to start building a profile again, so bear with me. 

(Okayy, these aren't in the works anymore, they're just there to be read if anyone wants to)

♠Immersion - A solo piece following Sophie as she comes to terms with the death of her sister, Sylvie. Will she realise what she has to live for before it's too late?

♠ Mistakes - A collaborative with mike_itong, on hold. Alys finally realises the people she's been hanging around with are no good. But can she really leave them?

♠ Our Scrapbook - A sort of collaborative piece, a place to put all of your random scenes that have nowhere else to go. Anyone and Everyone is welcome to add. =]

♠ Panda eyes - Solo piece about Faye, who has been brutally attacked by a mad man obsessed with her eyes. but can she move on with her life while the culprit is still at large? 

♠ Skin Deep - Also a Solo Piece. A strange new boy turns up at Graces school, and is instantly subject to ridicule by the students. Will Grace follow the crowd, or extend the hand of friendship?  

♠ They Will Not Break Me - Collaborative with Eloosive and G2 at the moment, although, others are welcome. A nice little prison story that will hopefully become a nice little escape story.

Jeez this is old! Okay, as of May 2015 here are two brand spanking new projects I'm working on;

1. Trying Times - Mary is trying her best to keep her young children safe in the midst of WWI, whilst worrying about her husband, George, who is out fighting on the front. 

2. The Musician - The story of Nora and Eddy, trying to work out if they have space for each other in their lives when Eddy becomes a successful singer/songwriter. 

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