a 22-year-old girl from The jolly old land of England, United Kingdom

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"Don't look back If I'm a weight around your neck Cos if you don't need me I don't need you"

Erm...Well as you can see from my username my name is charli. I like reading and writing ( though i guess that is obvious as i am on a website for writers...). I havent actually written anything for a long time. Most of the stuff i used to write was silly poems and comedy jokes and sketches stuff like that. I am still trying to get started on writing a sitcom but i also keep getting ideas for short stories. Most of them would be stories for children but they are allways a bit weird so who knows adults might like them to!...well i cant think of anything else to say...well i can but if i dont stop myself i will just ramble on and on and on and this profile will take you a day to read...even you even botherd to stick with it that long. so...yeh thats sort of about me and my writing...toodle pip!

(by the way sorry for any spelling mistakes, i couldnt copy and paste into word to spell check it and my dad wont let me install the spell check thingy on here)

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