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"There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart." Charles Dickens


I'm thirteen years old, and I live in the United Kingdom, England. I guess you'd say that I'm pretty much your average Jane - with the exception that I could write from here to Kingdom come! I'm medium height, with shoulder length brown hair. I'm not going to describe myself with a million and one fancy adjectives, because to be honest I'm not trying to make myself into something I'm not. I've got grey eyes which often make people tell me that I have 'wolf-eyes'. I'm not sure I agree, they're just a bit dull to be honest. I have short, bitten fingers from the times when I am so lost in one of my reveries I literally chew the whole nail, which is kind of hyprocritical, really, seeing as that's one of my Pet Peeves. I hate that phrase. It sounds like some kind of evil creature... Hang on a minute; maybe that's because it's the name of the poltergeist in Harry Potter *nods head in understanding. Then stops, realising how stupid she looks*

Anyway... I get distracted easily, and I, like you, love to read and write. (At least I hope you do. Why else would you be here, reading my nonsensical drivel?) There are many other things that I like to do, as well. I do not sit in my room all day writing and reading, although I would like to. My mother insists I should have a life, so in order to satisfy her, I like eating. That's a given; particularly if the food is unhealthy! I also like drawing/painting/collage work/any other art related thing because art, like writing, is a good way to express yourself. I particularly like doing pencil studies of celebrities, and am currently deciding who to draw next... Decisions, decisions. I also like baking; my favourite being peanut butter cupcakes which I swear, hand on heart, are a recipe from heaven above. I also enjoy talking and generally being idiotic with my friends; Aggie, Helena and Iona. (No, before you ask, I do not just have four friends. They're just my best friends.) I also like boys. A lot. Particularly when they're clever, as well as bearing certain resemblance to Alex Pettyfer, or are sporting legends. Yes, I'm talking to you Matt. I'm not one for people who don't like having fun; after all, life's too short.

I'm also one of those people who would like to be a vegetarian, except I couldn't give up Haribo. I know, sad. I also find myself saying "It wasn't as good as the book," rather frequently. I guess I whine a lot... but I'm allowed to; I'm a hormonal teenage girl! I'm quite (okay, very) bossy and I'm very ambitious in terms of school. I happen to be quiet gifted (thanks, Dad) when it comes to brains, so I do quite well in school. Particularly Geography, History, Art and English, as it so happens.... but not PE or music, unfortunately!

I have four younger brothers, and one younger sister. Victoria, 12, is very nice but is sometimes a bit loud, active and outgoing for my liking. We get on quite well though. My brothers are all rude, loud, arrogant and irritating with the exception of Charlie, 6, who is simply plain cute.... Maybe it's the blonde hair... I don't know.


My interests include the obvious; reading, writing. I like drawing, emailing my friends and cousins, shopping, eating, arguing/debating, seeing how many marshmallows I can cram into my mouth, eating mint imperials, listening to music, and piano playing - aka trying to play Bella's lullaby, watching films that feature attractive vampires such as Ian Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson, and werewolves like Taylor Lautner. I also like songs and music written by artists themselves, and am evern able to tolerate Taylor Swift in order to listen to her cactchy, heart warming lyrics. Unfortunately I happen to be tone deaf, yet enjoy belting out the latest tunes with my friends at discos. I am also a frequent customer at Starbucks, where I spend many hours talking to my friends, and driving them crazy when I ask them questions that imply I am pysco-annalysing them for a new character study.

My friends:I don't like huge friendship groups so I surround myself with a few like minded people who are tolerant enough of my bossy manner and argumental nature, as well as being funny, clever and lovely people. Aggie, Helena and Iona are the best friends a girl could wish for - and I'm so glad that whilst they are perfect shopping buddies they listen to my incessant chatter about my latest 'book' that I'm writing.

Now for the reason I'm here....


Hi. My name is Bethany and I joined this site because, like many others on this site, I have a love of reading and writing.

Ever since I was five, in Reception, I have had a love for books - at this age I curled up in an armchair and read the entire Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone from cover to cover. Following that I have read the widest range of stories that my English teacher has ever known - from Captain Underpants to Animal Farm.

I know that people are judged depending on what books they read - and I have to admit to being a vampire fan before I even begin writing. There's no escaping my love of popular teen fiction - and sometimes I end up deleting a project off my hardrive because I already feel it turning into 'just another vampire romance novel'. But that isn't what I want to write - I want to be a writer like JK Rowling, who managed to create something totally unique and captured the hearts of all ages.

However, I'm not saying that I want to be famous. Anyone who starts a writing career saying by the time I'm eighteen I want three published books and a book deal. No, it doesn't work like that. Whilst I aspire to be as popular as the likes of Stephenie Meyer, and JK Rowling, I don't aspire to be as rich as them. I don't need Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner to make my series a sucess - if I can't suceed on my own, then I will know to try again. But I won't give up. I can't ever give up, because afterall, writing is what I was born for. I don't even think it matters at the moment that I have only thirteen years of experience - or rather ignorance - because the younger  you start, the longer you have to improve and make something of yourself.

I've always loved writing, and despite being told by my Year Eight English teacher that my writing style is 'too flowery' and I use 'overly complicated vocabulary' and that I write 'too much' I will continue to love it. Does that English teacher want to be a writer? No. She can't be, because if she did then she wouldn't have told me that I was 'too good'. You can't be 'too good' you can only be 'rubbish'. If she had told me that I was rubbish, then fair's fair, but she didn't. Instead she acted jealous of me; merely because she didn't know what 'allegorical' meant when I wrote a paper on 'Should Victor Frankenstein be allowed to create a second monster?' Yes, I did write ten sides of A4, but you know what? I enjoyed every minute of writing it.

So for these reasons, I joined this site, and I don't care if no one ever reads my work, but for now, I'm here, and I'm determined to tell the world all about it!

       Bethany x :D


Books I <3

- The Twilight Saga. Yes it is partially to do with the fact that I am in love with Jacob Black... no, really I just like anything to do with vampires or werewolves. If I had to choose I'd be a werewolf because they're way cooler than vampires.

-The Vampire Diaries. L J Smith is amazing. She's one author that I'm jealous of - I wish I'd written them! There's a great plot and totally cool characters, plus the TV series is awesome. I'm Team Damon - for some reason, like Edward Cullen, Stefan just doesn't do it for me... sorry Paul Wesley!

-The Belgariad Series. David Eddings. What can I say? If you've never heard of them, go to your library and get them out. They're really fast paced and action packed and they actually have an original plot, which isn't something I've seen for a while.

-Shiver/Linger. Wow. I love these books - and I can't wait for the third one, so hurry up and write Forever Maggie Stiefvater! I'm already in love with Sam, and I'm hoping they turn it into a movie.

-Hush Hush. Again, a great book - but I wan't Cresendo to come out so I can read it!!! Patch is gorgeous in a freaky kind of way, and Vee is an awesome best friend. A really good read if you're into vampires, werewolves and angel.s

-The Harry Potters. JK Rowling, I take my hat (the invisible one, seeing as I'm not wearing one,) off to you. You have truly suceeded in writing a series of books that are original and for that I will ever love you... Amazing. Plus Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone happens to be the book I picked up in Reception - no wasting time with Clifford the Big Red Dog for me!

And there are many, many more, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind most. Don't be afraid to try classics either; to Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm are really good, thought provoking books. Give them a shot if you want a challenge!


Real Life Friends

Flora McNeil aka SapphireSoul. Go check her stuff out - she's awesome. Oh, and feel free to join our two person book club!!!

And for now, that's it, seeing as I don't actually know anyone else in person!!! I hope you'll all be kind enough to at least look at some of my stuff!



Vampire's are awesome, as are werewolves, angels and anything that is remotely attractive. I don't care what Twilight haters say, but I really am in love with Jacob Black. * No I'm not. I'm madly in love with someone else, she reasures herself.* Honest!


Thats it, I guess. Enjoy my stuff!!! Beth :D x


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