a 22-year-old lady from the Wolfpack, United States

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"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope." -- Winston Churchill

You can call me Celtic or CC!  I’m a college (university) student double majoring in Animal Science and Agribusiness Management who also happens to thoroughly enjoy writing!  And after a long hiatus from writing, I AM BACK!

In no particular order, here’s a little of what I like and what I don’t like:

Celtic Loves: Scotland (though she's never been there), cows, animals in general, especially highland coos and valais blacknose sheep (which you need to look up), writing (duh), America, humor, God, Captain America, Once Upon a Time, RWBY, MLP:FIM, mashed potatoes, cheese, hot showers, horse riding, the majority of “traditional” values, procrastinating, watching curling, playing beach volleyball (which she rarely gets to do), her dogs, her hair, her house, her family, travel, naps, movies, the occasional video game, James Herriot books, etc.

Celtic Hates: burnt popcorn, the texture of mushrooms, when people don’t give two hoots about grammar, when people don’t give two hoots about logic, extremely self-indulgent poetry, talking to strangers on the phone, never having enough time, the smell of sour milk, the smell of sour people, etc.

I’d really like for you to read The Bandit Queen, but here are links to most of my works:

The Bandit Queen (fantasy novel) [in progress]
Hindsight (historical fiction short story) [completed]
Finding Destiny Keys (YA adventure romance) [in progress]
Phenoms (super hero story) [not currently writing]
The Colorful Tales of a Greenhorn (non-fiction, personal anecdotes) [not currently writing]

Collabs I've Initiated (please add to these!): 
The Alternate Lives of Cassidy Ives (time travel) [recent revival of posts]
Strange Dreams (a collection of 'true' stories) [additions are rare]

Haiku Medley
A Hare in the Woods
A Single Cell

TBQ Notes and Extras
The Mall Diaries

And last but not least, here’s a non-exhaustive list (again, don’t read into the order too much) of awesome Protaggers who have earned my seal of approval.  I’ve listed my favorite work of theirs that I’ve read and one of the biggest strengths about their work, as well.

GardeniasCastle- Brewing Love- her writing is just so fun!
PithofPassion- The Corners of Darkness- highly imaginative
OldLore- The Luster Project- dynamic character development and smooth writing style
RemyThe House of Love- simply taking an idea and making it awesome
DrakeMundayDennis and the Apocalypse- hilarious, brilliant satire that can’t be beat
WritingGoddessWolf Song- fantastic descriptions
EscapeReality01Shifter- consistently engaging plot and storyline

And all these folks are pretty good about grammar, which is a huge plus in my mind!  ^_^

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!

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