a 34-year-old

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"Rome was not built in a day,prepare for a lot of typos lol"

well ive always loved books the story's the imagination the way that when getting involved in a good book could take you yo other worlds and times in truth the a few of the first books i read in my early 20s after my teen yeas i got involved in life and partying but when i settled back down one day and decided to watch a movie i watched harry potter rhe chamber of secrets i know i was already 21 a late comer but still the story caught my attentions made me feel like i was a child again and i got the book 3 days later then first and so on before i knew it i couldnt stop reading again then toying with writing my poetry and songs again admitdly im best a songs still not great love writing poetry but fear of getting to rhymy but storys which i live to read are a problem i get a good idea and get some of it out then get sidetracked i suppose this is something i have to work around but for now heres to having fun

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