a 21-year-old girl from Ripley, Surrey, United Kingdom

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"Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss." -Douglas Adams

Name: carabean. Well, cara actually if you really must know but thats all your getting =P

Lives: In the mysterious land of Ripley Village. There are too many old people and gypsies. Don't come here.

Appearance: long, curly/wavy hair that is a very strange colour (blonde/brown/slightly ginger. Apparently my hair is very indecisive), quite small (bout 5 foot 3?), bluey grey, cat eyes (not literally cat cat eyes, as in small furry animals or reflective thingies they put on roads) and small feet :D

Usually wears: jeggins/jeans, hollister, although would prefer to be more original/emo and wear a lot more cool clothes

Likes: cats, ballet, singing in public, dancing in public, acting like she is in a movie, drawing, having friends

Hates: most food, creepycrawly things ew, preppy stuff,

Guys:  TAYLOR LAUTNER (he is a god), Tom Felton (aka Malfoy), Milo whats his face (Peter from Heroes, first seen in the best programme ever, the Gilmore Girls!)

Music: Taylor Swift, Paramore, Muse, Evanescence, Death Cab For Cutie, You Me At Six, Flight of the Conchords, linken park, MB

Books: Twilght Saga, House of Night series, Harry Potter, random other books i have from school library since May (oops) and so on..

Films: erm, the Secret Garden (okay i know its awful, but gosh, i just really like it), v for vendetta, random disney cartoons (pocahontas=best film EVER! XD), HP films, The Holiday, 27 dresses, AVATAR, (possibly the. Actual. Best. Film. Ever.), 

TV: The Gilmore Girls, Heroes, glee, CSI, Numb3rs, Lark Rise to Candleford (okay I know its lame and absolute cack and for old people but i think its sweet okay?), Waterloo Road, so you think you can dance, SCRUBS!!!, the inbetweeners, friends, veronica mars, 8 simple rules

Would like to say: hi! I don't really talk much, hence why my profile is quite short. I am usually shy woth people I don't know, which is why iI am mostly ignored. But anyone who knows me will probably tell you I'm not shy. But I'm not confident either. Okay, I have actually written quite a lot now which totally contradicts what I just said, JENNIE SHUT UP AND STOP LAUGHING AT ME!

okay I will stop talking now and just let you soak up my weirdness. Okay, finished? good. Now we can possibly have a normal conversation! yay me!



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