an 18-year-old babe from Neverland

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"364 days of fun, 1 day of coal...I'll take my chances."

Hey guys, whats up? I'm Cailin Briggs. I'm fourteen years old and just started highschool four months ago. I love to write stories about...anything! I write when I want and what I want and no one can stop me HAHAHAHA!!! Okay... back to business, I write whatever pops into my mind at the time. I just finished watching and reading Lord Of The Rings and decided to write a story about that. I know I'm not the best writer and all, it's just for pleasure mostly. I mean, whats the point of thinking of things and just forgetting about them when you can write them and share your thoughts with the entire world! It's the greatest thing ever and I know most authors would agree with me.

Thanks to all my viewers,

"Love ya out there!"

Cailin Briggs

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