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"I told her there was a book inside me, and I had to get it out even if I had to squeeze it through my vagina." -Jenny Lawson

Welcome to my messy yet systematic work-space. Here is a place for me to gather criticism on my work and throw all the meaningful stuff into some magic-voodoo-cauldron or something along the lines of that, to produce the ultimate piece of writing.

Also, here's a tiny disclaimer: I am the absolute worst person when it comes to socializing. Social cues sail right over my head, and it's hard to truly tell what someone is feeling when you're only communicating via typed messages through a screen. If I messed something up due to my lack of grace in social situations, I'm very sorry. I don't know what I was thinking and I probably still don't, because not knowing what I was thinking is a very prominent thing for me.

I hope you like my work, because i'm here to stay.
(PS.! My old account was called 'theresaworminmytea'.)

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