a 58-year-old male from Isle of Man, United Kingdom

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"For me there is only one true morality, but it might not fit you, as you do not manufacture aerial battleships.There is only true morality for every man; but not every man has the same true morality--(Major Barbara G.B.S Shaw"

I am a married unpublished short story writer living on a small island stuck in the middle of the Irish Sea. and I have a taste for exploring the ordinary worlds that lie all around us yet which are seldom explored. Gentle and observational in style they often carry a twist in the tale.Like many unpublished authors I am not to how my work fits into the broader writing scene, so if anyone wants to give any feedback please feel free. Also please feel free to pass comment on the rest of my work at my website @www.passion4prose.eu.

The website offer free membership, writers groups, and lots of fun

As regards any feedback be as critical as you like. I' ve got as broad a mind as I have got broad shoulders so just plain fire away

any other info, well here's a summary

favourite auithors

G.B.Shaw- what a mind!

C Brahms & Simmons- great gentle satirists, see no bed for Bacon

Music tastes

Gregorian chant to genesis and beyond

Outlook on life

once pessimistic, now slightly bemused; especially regarding human behavoir

writing style

Old fashioned storyteller with an eye for subtle detail and a penchant for the underdog or unseen hero/heroine to shine through or for the bad guy or lass to get what he or she deserves!


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