a 37-year-old dame from Ocala, FL, United States

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"Humpty Dumpty was pushed!"

What's there to say? I'm a 32 year old single mother who has been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pencil. I've always had an overactive imagination and English was definitely my best subject all through out school. I am a grammar Nazi. Even though I don't always use it properly when typing (this is due to pure laziness) I'll be the first to point out any grammatical errors I see. My friends and relatives, hell, even my boss, will call me when they need to know a specific word for use or how to spell something. I love horror and gothic fantasy and am obsessed with all things apocalyptic, but also have a bit of a soft spot for romantic thrillers, too. I'm not a genre snob; I'll read almost anything as long as it's written well. I'm a sucker for sarcasm and uncommon personalities. That's usually what holds my attention.

I also like to do all things crafty. Mostly paper crafts, but I love up-cycling and altered art. I create handmade notebooks with embellished covers, usually customized for a specific person. I enjoy creating templates for business use, but I'm also addicted to graphic design so I like making logos and doing cover art, too. My dream was to one day own my own print shop where I could do a little bit of everything. But then, well, life just kind of ... happened.

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