a man from Texas, United States

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I grew up in the border between Mexico and the US. Many call me the Arab, others the American, some the Gringo Frijolero, but most call me Borderman. I grew up in this land I i wish I'll die in my region where I grew up.

My philosophy was made from the seeing the distribution of wealth in the area. The US mostly rich and our neighboring sister city Ciudad Juarez a third world city. This generated for me to be more open to ideas an challenges from being in such an instable area.

When at the turn of the year 2006 came around Mexico's President Felipe Calderon declared war in Mexico's drug cartels thus generating a full scale outbreak of violence extending from Guatemala to the US state of Arizona.

I am a drug war victim because of my recent failed kidnap attempt by a kidnapping squad. This made me take the war very seriously. From here I spend about two years traveling in the US and in Mexico. This help me learn so much and brought me bring appreciation for peace and inter global partnership

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