a 32-year-old femme from Land of milk and honey, Canada

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"Wear perfume when you want to be kissed- Coco Chanel"



I am the ever elegant Ms. Robin. I am part of a spoken work collective " Any can capture you"


I frequent the local open mic and often read poetry with "colourful" language. It's amusing because people never expect some of so demure to drop the f bomb.

When I'm not swearing or lamenting over a microphone I often work at a childcare center.

Where we frequently blow things up and destroy various things in a microwave. It's a blast.

I also read a large amount, draw and dabble in paint.

I am on the facebook if you are so inclined you may add me

If I have no idea who you are I probably won't add you or start the message with you are so...insert adjective here...or are you single...

I find this site is often like a click your either in on it or standing on the fringes.  I don't often critique but I will if you ask me to. Most of my works are open to collaboration. If you'd like to start a new work with me I might be interested. Please check out my works my newer works are much better than my older...some of my older works I have changed. I don't remember which though...








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