an 18-year-old scrub from Destiny Islands

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"I like that boulder. That's a nice boulder. ⌐⌐⌐ Donkey"

I play any instrument I can get my hands on. I like to listen to rock music, but I'll usually listen to just about anything. it isn't hard to impress me, but i'll always be honest with you. good to know, right?

Oh, yeah, ignore Apprentice chapter two, I accidently made a new story instead of adding a new page, so...

I am fundamentaly a poet, but i can write just about anything. A good excersize would be for you guys to make requests for me to write something, or... if anyone's down for a collab...

Best bands ever:






-Rise Against


Listen and enjoy, these are not in any particular order.

Birthday is May 18.

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