a 29-year-old girl from nagpur,maharashtra, India

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"Live as if you'll die today and dream as if you'll live forever"

hey wat up!!!

reasons why you should love life:

  1. u g8 it just it completely.
  2. sum1 lives 4 u.......realize ur value nd b happy.
  3. u may not noe it now bt ur gonna b d highest point of d day od sum1's enjoy ur royalty
  4. u c so many different things......dat gives us  knowledge and tells us life is goouud! dont complain♥
  5. u hav three more things 2 live for, put thez on ur profile if u agree to:

  • ur parents
  • ur friends
  • ur love 
lastly, u hav 2 live 4 urself!watevr i've written if u find it retarded,dont worry......just comment and i'll reply cuz i feel philosophical today so no regr8s.Cheers,♥padmashree pande♥

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