a 28-year-old lady from the United Kingdom

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Hi, my name's Claire and I'm an English/Film student from the UK.

I've been writing pretty much since I was able to string a sentence together and first got published in a minor poetry magazine in January 2008 with a poem called 'Tulips on a Sunday'.

Though I've only been published with poetry I write in all mediums, and have my first novel half finished and 2 others still to be started, along with various unpublished poems and short stories.

Other than my writing I'm currently in the first year of my university degree and though it's slowing the writing down it's going reasonably well and providing me with a lot of valuable experience.

Other than writing I'm into a large variety of creative pursuits, including drawing, guitar, singing and needlework...

Other than all that, if you want to know... just ask.

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