a 24-year-old guy from Maryland

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"Cum potestate magna venit magnus responsabilitate"

The name is Dunbar. Konrad Dunbar. 

I am a writer in the making since I was about 7. I do everything from poetry, my own original stories, and yes, even fanfiction. 

And even if I wasn't a writer my self, I'm a big lover of story telling, and I just about read anything I can get my hands on, whether it be Novels, Comic books, or manga. 

I'm a pretty open-minded and big hearted guy, or at least that's how I try to act and react. 

My interest ranges all the way from the time-traveling Doctor to Queens own friendly Neighborhood Webhead to my mane mares down in Equestria to my favorite knucklehead, hyperactive ninja, to final (and always) the Boy Who Lived himself to a little game know as Sburb. 

I love a good laugh and enjoy the intensity of a good fight scene, but really I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. A "love conquers all" kind of guy. *shrug* I like the idea of love and romance.

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