a 22-year-old chick from Maine, United States

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My name is Tayla but sometimes I wish it weren't. I am a sophomore at LFHS. Writing, drawing, anime, and music is my life. Can't live without them or else I am incomplete. Same with my friends and family. They may be dysfunctional sometimes, in terms of misbehavior and craziness, but HEY I am too! I can be quiet sometimes but when I know someone then they get the privilege of seeing my otherside. I can be crazy and random and I know how to treat others well, and I can be funny. And just like most girls I am patiently waiting for that special guy to come sweep me off my feet. ;) I love vampires and anything that has do with blood and killings because that intrigues me. But don't assume I may be psycho. Know me before labeling me.

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