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"Never Never Never give up - by winston churchill."

Hi, I am Bhabyo who has  specified lots of talents such as joined poetry events in West Drayton Library, so hpefully i will be roaring onto action with my plan and organise my poetic skills.

hey i have a trick up my sleeve, i am going to go to the yeading library and print out, the article i wrote on titled My Future Home, my skills wise lesson plan, and my two untitled documents which are linking to maths key case studies and all resorts.....

Doing retakes so far and haven't got nothing to give except i went on facebook and i added sammies dad llyod sussex on my links to see him in closer detail. she wanted me to delete him. It has been the most embarassing day ever these things should not get in the way ever me involving family is not right lool..

i went to talk to jagvinder and looks like hes bare pissed off like i got loads to tell everyone the good story i feel really cold anyways lool.

2:00 p.m. maybe i will be out of the house.

seeming that my printer is not working i will have to print in the yeading library by the looks of the things happenig in barnhill hayestown and worldwide globally lool.

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