a 19-year-old cat from the United Kingdom

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I'm Banana. But you knew that, didn't you, smarty pants!

"Banana's are an excellent source of potassium"


I'M ALIVE! [sorry for being away so long...]

"Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does no one else." - Unknown


I honestly have no idea where I'm going in life. All I know is writing would be a great job and I'd adore travelling.

 "Bad mistakes make good stories."


 Here are some of my stories

Top-Rated Works:

Writer Games - A Hunger Games collaboration with many talented authors {Dead}

To Kill a Mockingjay - Another Hunger Games based work, using characters from Harper Lee's classic 'To Kill a Mockingbird' to form this story {Dead}

A Love of Fire - An old story about love, adventure and magic {Dead}

Black - A rare piece of my poetry. I definately don't consider myself a 'Poet' but apparently this isn't too bad. {Go judge it for yourself}

Current Collaborations:

Writer Games: The Devil's Labyrinth - The same concept as the one above, just less writers, and a slightly different plot. Hopefully it will be as fun as last time.

Middle Earth [Currently Unnamed] - A collaboration with some of Protagonize's best. The untold story of evil before the destruction of Erebor. 


Solo Works:

Ship of Dreams, Love of Nightmares - This isn't the greatest of pieces, but I still like the idea, so there is a good chance I'll edit or start it again.


Read my stuff and enjoy.  Some new work should be up soon [hopefully. as you read above, all of my works are dead...]

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