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I've never been good at the profile thing. Too many things I could say, never enough space, and varying amounts of trust depending on who is reading it. So, let's make a deal. I'll give you some boring details and you ask me if you want to know more. Okay? Great! 

My husband is amazing. Truly a gift! I wouldn't be able to balance this life without him. Even the annoying habits he brings to the table are easily pushed aside.

I'm a stay home mom with two little kids who are always under feet and in my hair. Most days we have a great time. Some are so horrible I wonder why we bother with procreation. Oh wait... that question has been answered by historians and religions alike.

I have two big dogs. I often think I should enter them in a show, dumbest dog category. It's not all their fault I see them this way. They are following in the footsteps of the best dog I have ever had..... and they can't seem to figure out that the sliding glass door and screen exist. Too many bumps to the head.

Even with this great life, I need time for me. Time to digest the not so great times of my life, of which there are many, and time to just play. Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I photograph. Sometimes I create from fabric, wood, paint or whatever ever else I get my hands on. Mostly, I write. I share bits, but never the most emotional stuff. I'm saving that for when I am ready to face down my demons. Today is not that day.

Feel free to read whatever I manage to put out here. Visit my blog, Language Is A Virus. Definitely take time to comment. A short phrase carries me a long way. I'm sure we will be seeing each other around. Remember, I am nosy and will look you up if you stop by.

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