a 34-year-old from Waltham, Massachusetts

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"Baalak" [beɫ.'ɑk], hereafter referred to with the pronoun "dus" [dʊs], is a twenty nine year old human being living in Blue Blue Massachu. Dus is not formally educated, but enjoys reading, writing, and linguistic foolishness such as  neologology and conlanguery. Having a preference for speculative fiction, dus is interested in collaborative world bulding, character studies, and just telling a fun story.

Dus joined protagonize on January 9th, 2008, around 1pm EST.

If more information is of interest, it can be acquired through e-mail, and dus is pleased to share dug meager knowledge with others. Readers who noted the use of a possessive pronoun get bonus points. Readers who grok the IPA get more.

- Baalak nalzar-aung.

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