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I love to write. Its all my life is about, basically. It might take a while for me to get my stuff published, but thats okay, because it takes a while for the good books to come out. Writing is something I want to do for a livivng. Right now I'm just a teen with a dream, and we'll keep it that way. I'm a major Harry Potter fan, Twilight...yeah thats okay. I love music, and i listen to it as i write.My handwriting is really bad...I can't even read it half the time. I like to edit my own stuff first, before allowing others to edit it for me, because I know what I'm trying to say, and I can find a different way to word what I want my character to say, or how i want my character to describe sometyhing. I use first person a lot, but thats okay. I'm a girl, but I like to be rebellious and write 1st person P.O.V of guys. Why? Cuz its fun. Okay enuff about me, i'm gonna see what i can do about getting something posted soon.

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