a 56-year-old guy from Northamptonshire, England

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"Hell is Other People" Jean Paul Sartre - from the play 'No Exit'

I write all sorts of stories to appeal to all sorts of readers. Some are deadly serious where others are mildly humorous 'throwaway' pieces not meant for intellectual dissection or serious consideration (I once had a very long, very detailed and frankly very boring email from a guy who dissected every word and nuance of one of my short stories. The original story was just 100 words in  length: the email must have been over 1000 words!)

I like to make people think, prick their conscience or evoke a visceral reaction of some sort with my work. A lot of it is based in real-life situations that I hope most readers will be able to relate to on some level. My prose and poetry are designed to have the same effect although I believe my stories have the greater impact.

My favourite style of writing is the one-hundred word micro-fiction story. At the time of writing I have about fifty ready to upload, a couple of which were prize-winners.

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